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Acute Polygraph provides polygraph services for the San Antonio area. The polygraph tests performed by Forensic Polygraph Examiner Robert Jones.

  • President of Utah Polygraph Association 2008
  • Vice President of Utah Polygraph Association 2007
  • Full Member of American Polygraph Association
  • Member of the American Association of Police Polygraphists
  • Member of the Utah Polygraph Association
  • Certified for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PSCOT)
  • 20 Years Law Enforcement Experience
  • Graduate of Backster School of Lie Detection
  • Graduate of Brigham Young University

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Polygraph Services and Pricing

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A polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector) is an instrument that measures and records several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions. Deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that can be differentiated from those associated with non-deceptive answers.

You may need, or use a polygraph test for different reasons, some of them are:

Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing

These tests are performed in conjunction with an individual’s probation/parole officer and their assigned therapist. This type of test helps to ensure community safety by identifying re-offense behaviors.

Regular Price $250

Alcohol/Drug Compliance

This test is designed to verify the sobriety of a client. The test is used in conjunction with an ongoing treatment program. The test can also be given to verify whether a person is following the terms of their probation/parole.

Regular Price $250

Alleged Crime Testing

Confidential attorney/client or law enforcement exams conducted for any type of alleged criminal activity. This type of test helps to clear a person’s name. It is also helpful in narrowing down a group of potential subjects.

Regular Price $450

Domestic Issues

This type of test is emotionally taxing on everyone involved. It is commonly administered after some type of betrayal has been noticed. When betrayal (admitted or perceived) is uncovered, a partner wants to know if there are other indiscretions. The test is most valuable when it accompanies family/marital therapy. This test can also be used in Domestic Violence issues. Acute Polygraph Services will not administer a Domestic Issue test without the involvement of a therapist.

Regular Price $350

Pre-Employment Government Testing

This type of test is conducted to help ensure that your are hiring the best possible candidates. It is a multi-issue exam and covers several areas of concern. This exam is limited to government agencies (local, state, and federal).

Regular Price $200

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